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Education Views For students and teachers alike. Homework help, grammar tips, reference tools,  Federal and State Departments of Education, school districts, education organizations. Every state is here.

Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry vocabulary games.

Numerical & Verbal Views   Conversions, Etymology, Formulas, Time.

Reference Views Area Codes to Zip Codes. Atlases, Dictionaries, Thesauri, and other research tools.

Search Engine Views Find information on the World Wide Web. Some of the search engines are well known, others are more unusual. 

Teenager Views Interesting web sites where teens (and parents of teens) can find answers. 

Urbane Views BMW, Fun Food, Home Automation, ...

Cool Views Find it! For Los Angeles area residents and visitors only.

Feedback: Contact . Comments and suggestions for new views are especially welcome.

Parents Guide to the Internet 

La Gu�a del Internet para Padres de Familia

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Last update: July 24, 2017

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NOTE TO PARENTS: Stu's Views has provided the following websites for your child's fun and enjoyment and to assist them in conducting research on the web. Please take note that because of the nature of the Internet, and the World Wide Web in particular, it is still possible to access a series of links that may take one to almost anywhere. In other words, in spite of our efforts to supply appropriate material and links on this page, parents should supervise children while they surf the web. Stu's Views recommends that before allowing your children to travel the Web, you read Parent's Guide to the Internet by the US Dept. of Education with your family.

NOTE A LOS PADRES: Stu's Views han mantenido el websites lo siguiente la diversión de su niño y goce y para ayudarles dirigir la investigación en el tejido. Por favor tome la nota eso debido a la naturaleza de la Internet, y el World Wide Web en particular, todavía es posible acceder una serie de eslabones a que pueden tomar uno casi en cualquier parte. En otros términos, para proporcionar material apropiado y eslabones en esta página, los padres deben dirigir a los niños a pesar de nuestros esfuerzos mientras ellos navegan el web. Stu's Views recomiendan que usted leyera la Guía de Padre a la Internet por el Depto. americano de Educación con su familia antes de permitirles a sus ni�os viajar el Web.

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